The Cambridge Challenges

According to the legend, to become a true graduate of Cambridge University (exams are obviously secondary to this), 5 tasks must be completed.  The JCR do not endorse you doing anything that might get you in trouble with the University.  However, a brief (rather cryptic idea) of these infamous challenges is included below:

There is a challenge involving the horse in Jesus, however the killjoys that are the authorities there make it such that successful completion of this challenge will almost certainly result in you being kicked out of the University.

Viewing the Cam slightly differently from Mathematical Bridge. This one is definitely the odd one out, but tradition dictates!

There is a tradition involving Kings fountain, and possibly something that is best suited to a night coming home from Cindies¼

Running round Trinity Great Court, but in such a way that means a lot of bowler-hat-wearing porters will be chasing you.

And, finally, all Johnians’ favourite: A romantic visit up John’s tower. Admire the view in style.


The list is endless… of challenges, fables, rules and games, all of which are integral to the Cambridge experience…