Life in Cambridge

If you apply to John's, you'll be a member of one of the Cambridge colleges. This means you'll be a part of the university, and a part of the city. The JCR committee thought you might like to know a little more about your surroundings, so they compiled some information to guide you.

Dress codes, invitations and etiquette

Some Cambridge events can be quite picky about how you dress and/or present yourself. Beat the system by reading our guide to these traditions.

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Drinking out

Some students may, at some point in their degree, decide to have a drink or two. We know just the place(s)...

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Eating out

Where should you take your parents when they come and visit? What's the best place to eat in Cambridge?

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Some countries have different languages to us. Cambridge has its own too... We've made a glossary to help you out with Cambridge slang...

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University costs money. Whose money? How much money? We've written a page to guide you

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Night life and entertainment

Everyone likes to have fun. What is there to do in Cambridge? We've written a guide to the night life to help you out.

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Other colleges

Though John's is clearly the best, we thought we'd educate everyone about the other colleges

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The Cambridge challenges

Cambridge has some amazing traditions. And some weird ones.

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Useful contacts

Cambridge is full of helpful people. We'll show you how to get in touch with them

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