Social Phobic?

Social Phobic?


Do you fear social situations such as parties or social gatherings?

Dread meetings or presenting at work?


Are you a healthy male, aged between 18 – 55 years and a non smoker?


Can you spare about 2 hours a week for three weeks?


If so I am writing to invite you to take part in a research study at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.


As a thank you, you will be compensated for your time.


If you are interested in helping or would like more information please contact Becci Elford (Tel: 01223 768503 or email: “


We hope that this research will further our understanding of social anxiety and factors that may affect it.


Please do get in contact if you would be willing to display the advert and if you have any queries.


Again your help would be much appreciated.

The Wilbeforce Society

TWS Policy: Engaging Young People in Politics - with George Galloway MP

Saturday 13th October
Emmanuel College

The Wilberforce Society invites you to its first Policy seminar of the new 
academic year.

‡	Should the voting age be set at 16?
‡	Is citizenship education working?
‡	Is our democracy in decline?

Come and share your views and challenge the opinions of our panel, 
including the controversial MP George Galloway, well-known for his 
unconventional methods of political engagement.

Open floor discussion will be based around Richard Stockwell's paper on 
tackling youth's disengagement from the UK political process.

As ever, this event is free and open to all students.

Jazz @ John’s – October 12

Come down to the Fisher building for a night of Funk and Jazz. We’ve got two separate rooms playing Jazz through the night and at £5 for 4 bands, your essay can wait. This week we’ve got EM, Olivia’s Owls, The Dixie Strollers and crowd favourites the Brass Funkeys playing till midnight. Our bar is well stocked on whiskies and cocktails so bring your friends and get in early!

Date: Friday Oct 12 Time: 9pm – Midnight
Location: Fisher Building, St John’s College

Indian Fusion A Cappella

Calling all singers/beatboxers – Hindi/Urdu/English fusion a cappella!
Hi there! We are Blue Shakti, Cambridge University’s Indian fusion a cappella group! Some of you may remember us from our performances last year, as a group of friends who aim to blend music from different cultures in a unique way, with voices only!
So, if you’re interested in having fun, singing a combination of English and Hindustani music (no language experience necessary!), beat-boxing or arranging music at all, email us on and we’ll fix up an audition date! We are looking for boys and girls for all parts, especially needing basses and beatboxers. All you will need for the audition is a song you have prepared to sing (1-2 minutes is more than enough) and your personality! For more info, get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you!

Student Action for Refugees Squash

**** STAR Squash – Fun, free food and drink and find out about Student Action For Refugees! ****
Come along to the STAR SQUASH (Student Action for Refugees) next Friday evening 12th October!
– Find out WHAT STAR IS ABOUT in Cambridge and our plans  for the year…
– Find out HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED in our work…
– Enjoy FREE DRINKS AND NIBBLES including wine, chocolate and more
– Meet fun, LIKE-MINDED STUDENTS, freshers or once-freshers…
The Squash will be held in 7-8.30pm at St Catharine’s College, Rushmore Room.
There will be signs from the Porters’ lodge.
See you there!

Athletics Cuppers

ATHLETICS CUPPERS – Sunday 14th October, Wilberforce Road Athletics track

Come and compete for John’s, all abilities welcome!
The more people we have competing the more likely we are to thrash rival colleges, every point counts.
Performances will also be used to help select the Fresher’s Varsity team, so get keen! (You do not need to be a fresher).

The cuppers timetable is here:

To sign up for cuppers, email your college athletics captain, Sophie Dundovic- sd518.
If you have any questions about Cuppers, or CUAC in general, then get in touch.

10th October 2012

Hi everyone! 

Hope you’ve all had a great first week of term and that studying isn’t too hectic so far 🙂 Here’s an update on what I’ve been working on for the JCR over the past few weeks.

We had a fantastic Freshers Week meeting all the first years – thanks to everyone who helped out with running the events, especially our the JCR Committee and our Freshers Reps.

We had a BRILLIANT Hollywood themed Ent on Saturday – thanks to all of you who turned out and Omair for coordinating and planning it. It was great to sell out of tickets and see Johnians of all year groups getting together…!

On Monday I was at a CUSU Council meeting representing you guys. These meetings are open to everyone, so if you’ve got any opinions you want to express or motions you want to propose, feel free to approach me or Claire, your External Officer, or just come along to Council  yourself. We passed a motion on booking coaches to take students to the NUS demonstration in London on 21st November. We’re also appointing new representatives to our Elections Committee in 2 weeks time.

Today I’ve been meeting the JCR committee about their mandates for this term. We’re setting targets which we’ll achieve before the end of Michaelmas. My job is to support all the other Officers in reaching these targets, so I’m currently working out ways to move forward ASAP with all of these plans.

I’ll leave it there for now – do get in touch with me (fo236) if you need anything, have any questions, suggestions and so on.

Much John’s love!

Flick x

State Street Global Markets Graduate opportunities

The following is a news story on the topic of a Graduate Scheme from State Street Global Markets.


This October 12th State Street Global Markets will be hosting a dinner reception with the view to meeting our next graduate hires. We are a major international bank, differentiated by an aversion to risk that saw us well placed to navigate the financial storms of the previous years. On top of our creditworthy business model, we are proud to be the greenest large bank and are committed to both ethical business and the recruitment of a diverse workforce. Our Cambridge dinner represents a rare chance for us to meet each other in an intimate setting, and ask the sort of questions you just don’t have the chance to ask at a careers fair, and because we value the chance to meet candidates face-to-face more than 50% of the candidates we meet reach the final round of our recruitment process. We don’t require any previous background, just a sharp mind, a collaborative and hard working personality, and the willingness to learn. Our graduate programme is one year of rotational assignments where you’ll learn about our industry before taking on a full time role in the area that suits your particular skill set best. It is competitively compensated for the financial services industry and leads to global opportunities.

However, if you would like to be considered we will require an application sent to by 12pm, Monday (October 8th) consisting of a CV and a paragraph on why we would want to meet you, and why you us. If you have any questions I can be reached on I’m a recently hired graduate from Cambridge myself, so I should be able to answer any questions you might have.

We look forward to meeting you.