Contact Details

We still want you to receive mail and parcels while in Cambridge. To that end, you have your very own pigeon hole which will be filled with messages from within College, the University or with any mailings that you receive from outside. College has its very own porter-postman to process all the mail; he, or another porter, can be found in the Main Gate Porters’ Lodge which is adjacent to the pigeon holes. Definitely check yours regularly, otherwise you might miss out!

Your new address will be:

(Your name!)
St John’s College

(You don’t need to include your court or room number!)

You are more than welcome to have mail posted in anticipation of your arrival to college. It would be worth ringing the Main Gate Porters’ Lodge on +44 (0) 1223 338606 to let them know to expect a delivery, as they may not have your names yet!


Messages and faxes can be left for you; they will be put in your pigeonhole.

College Enquiry Point (normally to re-direct calls, but also messages can be left to students):

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 338 600

Student Fax:

Fax: +44 (0) 1223 338744

If dialling from outside of the UK, dial your country’s international access code (00 in the UK) followed by the UK country code (44), and then rest of the telephone number, without the ‘0’. From within the UK, just dial the full number including the ‘0’ but without the ‘+44’ part.


You’ll be given a JCR contact number at the beginning of freshers week, which will also be written on the freshers wristbands we give you on your first day. You can call this number throughout freshers week for any issues you have, be it that you can’t find your way back to college, you have an issue you need advice with or if you just want a chat! We’ll post this number right here nearer the time.

Finally, we have an assortment of other useful contacts which you should be aware of, either to support you or just for arranging transport to get around town!