For those of you lucky enough to be coming to John's this October, the JCR committee have compiled some information to help you settle in.


Welcome to John's! Many of the freshers activities are organised by the JCR vice president, and so they would like to extend to you a personal welcome from all of us.

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Believe it or not, in order to live in College, you will need to pick where you want to go. We've written a brief page to explain this a bit better.

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Day one

No one knows what to expect on their first day at University. Except you. Right now. Click here to find out more

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Every year, we get loads (really, loads!) of questions from freshers about almost every aspect of College life. We understand! We were there once too. This new FAQ page has been added this year to answer some of the most common queries we hear.

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Arrangements for October

The JCR committee play a large role in your induction into the college, and so we are pretty knowledgable about the college arrangements.

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What to bring

At uni, you'll need stuff. Clothes, pens, guacamole. We've produced a page to guide you on what you should bring.

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Contact details

At some point, some sort of bank or student finance form will ask you where you'll be living in College. You may even like to contact someone yourself.


Money stuff

University costs money. Sometimes quite a bit of money. Find out who can help you out with this, and to what extent! We promise, it isn't as bad as it seems...

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Everyone loves a cheeky map, so we thought we'd throw some together for you. Check out our comprehensive maps of all things John's, as well as all of the places and venues we see as noteworthy around the city.

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