JCR Referendum

On May 2nd, the JCR is given the option to vote in CUSU council to decide whether CUSU should disaffiliate from the NUS. This is following allegations made after the NUS Conference – which can be found by a simple google.

Voting opens on Tuesday 26th April 2016 at 08:00 and closes at 21:00. You can use this link to cast your vote.

Voting yes in this election will mandate this JCR committee to vote in favour of a CUSU referendum on NUS affiliation. It does not favour a view either in favour of or against the referendum vote itself should this motion pass.

Voting no in this election will mandate this JCR committee to vote against a CUSU referendum on NUS affiliation. It does not favour a view either in favour of or against the referendum vote itself should this motion pass.

Snapchat Geofilter Competition: WINNER

Following a 15 minute discussion in our last committee meeting, we’ve finally managed to decide on a winner for the Snapchat Geofilter competition. The winning design was submitted by Mila Mundrova, and should be going live at some point in the next few weeks.


JCR Competition: Snapchat geofilter

The JCR Committee has decided to set up its own Snapchat Geofilter for the College (much like the one you see for Cambridge University).

The design of this filter, however, is in your hands. A JCR competition is open for any student to design and submit a geofilter for us to use, with a prize of £15 in cash and the fame of having your design Snapchatted by Johnians for a long time to come.

Submissions must be saved as a Web Optimised PNG file, 1080px by 1920px in dimensions and have a transparent background. Send all submissions to the JCR president at president@sjcjcr.com by Saturday 5th March for a chance of winning. The winning filter will be announced in next week’s bulletin, and the design will go live shortly after.

It’s advisable that you don’t cover too much of the screen to allow photos to be seen behind the filter. You must ensure that all of the graphics you use are 100% original. You must not use any photos, hashtags, logos or trademarks.

All Terms and Conditions as provided by Snapchat are available here, and you should be aware that no credit to yourself will be offered for the use of the filter other than an announcement in the weekly bulletin and on our Facebook page.

For reference (and perhaps inspiration), the Cambridge University geofilter is shown below. Good luck, and get those submissions flying in soon!


Zero carbon divestment campaign launches

Fossil fuel companies’ current reserves of oil, coal and gas hold 5 times more carbon than the world’s atmosphere can safely handle. Their business plan will cause climate chaos for billions of us, yet UK universities still collectively invest £5.2 billion in fossil fuel companies.

The University of Cambridge and Colleges have an overall endowment that equates to almost £5 billion. Without an ethical policy (unlike universities such as Oxford, UCL and St. Andrews), this money is invested in companies without consideration of their catastrophic environmental impact. At a global and local level, the impacts of these investments contradict the University’s positive contributions to society, through research and education.

Thus, Zero Carbon has just launched its new divestment campaign. To get involved by signing the petition, click here.

This is really important, so let’s all get together and do some ethicalisation!

College families!

Hey there!

Some of you may remember the incredibly successful college family scheme run every year by the JCR committee. Well, this year is no exception! We’ve just started taking applications for being a college parent, and have sent an email out to all of the undergraduates to prove it.

If you would like to be a college parent, and are just going in to the second year (or above!) of your course, this is your lucky day! Click here to register you and your college spouse for the scheme!

Any queries, please contact our acting computing officer Ben Whitby, at btw30@cam.ac.uk.