Week 8 Sports Results


Ladies 1 Netball won Netball Cuppers 
on Saturday so a great win for us!

Mixed Lacrosse
3-0 vs Sidney Sussex
Could result in our promotion to top division for the first time ever !!
Man of the match: Luke kweku Abraham – playing amazingly on his birthday in his last ever lax match for college


W1: BLADES (+4) overall after a technical bump (-1) on Day 1, followed by an over-bump (+2) on Day 2.

M1: Bumped (-1) on the first day, before rowing over (0) Days 2-4 to keep 2nd position.

W2: Bumped (-3) over 3 days, technically bumped (-1) on the last day due to a head injury which prevented racing.

M2: BLADES bumped every day (+4) – finishing as the top M2 crew!

W3 and M3: Both bumped (-3) over 3 days, before rowing over (0) on the last day.

For more detailed results, see: https://www.facebook.com/LadyMargaretBC/

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