Internships and Training Programmes


Debating whether to go travelling or get work experience instead? Now you can do both.

Bolivia Unlimited is a social enterprise based in La Paz, Bolivia. We offer 1-3 month residential training programmes designed to introduce participants to print journalism and documentary production through internships in an international working environment. We also run Spanish immersion programmes, for those looking to learn or improve their Spanish whilst enjoying a cultural experience outside of the mainstream. Bolivia Unlimited was founded in 2010 by Bolivian journalists and Oxford graduates. Since then, over 270 talented individuals from 30 countries have worked with us, creating 77 issues covering everything from politics and art to football and gay parades. We’ve won the attention of TEDx, local sports stars and even the Bolivian Vice President


We take up to eight participants every month, and as entry is oversubscribed (especially for the summer months), you should apply immediately if this is for you. A number of previous participants have been able to secure college funding to cover part of the programme and travel expenses involved.

More details are available in the attached information sheet, and on our website, where you can also read past issues and apply:

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