Global FinTech and Blockchain Conference | 28th Feb 2019

Global FinTech and Blockchain Conference | 28th Feb 2019 | 66% discount |

Interested in meeting and hearing from the most high-profile names from the fintech and blockchain world such as the Co-Founders of Monzo & Starling Bank, Partner at ConsenSys, CEOs Iwoca, eToro & AppliedBlockchain? Make sure you do not miss out on this event!

The Global FinTech and Blockchain Conference ( is the largest university-led conference on fintech and blockchain in the world. It is organised by the top societies in Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, UCL, and LBS and it is taking place on the 28th Feb 2019 at Imperial and it is expected to have thousands in attendance.

The Global Fintech & Blockchain Conference tries to teach, connect and push continuous innovation to the future generation of leaders to achieve a safer and more responsible financial environment. It aims at debunking the myths about the latest technologies, cryptocurrencies and raising awareness about the career opportunities that exist.

In addition, a week before the conference we will be a hosting F&B24, Europe’s largest Fintech & Blockchain Hackathon for students, aiming to engage and challenge top talent and test their abilities in a 24-hour period – whose results will be presented at the conference in front of a panel of VCs and judges.

You can register here:

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