The Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Festival 2019 is being held on Saturday 16th February in the Fisher Building. This is a one-day festival organised by Cambridge University students and run in partnership with the Cambridge Hub. The Festival aims to increase awareness of climate change, sustainability and 21st Century environmental challenges, motivating people to take unilateral and collective action.

With a theme of “Affecting Every Existence”, there will be something for everyone, from science, to charity (Craig Bennett OBE, CEO: Friends of the Earth), to community action (Dr Cameron Brick, psychology and communication of ’sustainability’) to art (Rachael Pimm). Each panel discussion demonstrates how climate change affects everyone, and that every one of us can play a part.

Tickets have been released!
Secure your ticket now for £5/ £7 (Student/ Non-Student), through the link on our Facebook page. Click ‘going' on the Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest updates for the day

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