Cambridge UK Development Centre

Haven’t managed to secure any plans for summer? Looking for something productive to do, where you can earn some money whilst learning valuable skills and still have fun? Just want to procrastinate revision because you’re not quite ready to face the wrath of exam term?
Apply to be a seminar assistant for China UK Development Centre!
You will be supporting one of the best summer-schools that run in Cambridge to oversee a group of university students from China. There are opportunities to supervise a group of students, join in with excursions e.g. to watch Phantom of the Opera in London (for free), as well as network with Chinese universities and some of Cambridge’s well-known lecturers. Most importantly, there is scope for promotion within the company – if you are enthusiastic about the role, then you could climb from assisstant to manager!
The job is really good value for money and the working hours are flexible, such that you are able to enjoy your summer without feeling the burden of being at ‘work’. I’ve been with this programme for two years and the atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming – if you have any further questions about what it’s like to be part of the programme, then email Angela at!
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