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LGBTea !

LGBTea – 3pm, Saturday 24th February 
Come join us on Saturday 24th February at 3pm in the JCR for our first LGBTea event at John’s! There’ll be free biscuits, drinks and LGBT+ people to have a chat with. If you want to meet new people, have any LGBT+-related concerns you want to talk about, or just wish to take a break, then feel free to come!
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/170315197084111/?notif_t=plan_user_invited&notif_id=1519312664490342

Sports Results

St Johns Men’s Football 1sts 2 – Caius 1

St Johns Men’s Rugby Flair XV 26 – Selwyn and Peterhouse 29

St John’s Ladies Netball 1sts 22 – Churchill 20

St John’s Ladies Netball 1sts 19 – Fitzwilliam 10

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Drink Spiking

Unfortunately you might not be able to see, smell or taste if your drink has been spiked.
The drug may be colourless, odourless and may not affect the taste of your drink.
Warning signs include:
feeling dizzy or faint
feeling sick or sleepy
feeling really drunk or confused even if you have only had a little alcohol to drink
hallucinations (seeing, hearing or touching things that aren’t there) or having an “out of body” experience 
visual problems, particularly blurred vision 
nausea and vomiting 
passing out
waking up feeling uncomfortable and disorientated, with memory blanks about the night before. 
Most date rape drugs take effect within 15-30 minutes and symptoms usually last for several hours. However, if you pass out it will be hard to know the full effect. You may still feel some of the symptoms of a date rape drug after a night’s sleep.
What you should do
If you think your drink has been spiked, tell a friend, the bar or security staff, or the police, & STAY WITH THEM!
Your doctor can test for the presence of traces of certain drugs through urine or blood tests within 24 hours.
If you think you’ve been assaulted or raped, tell a friend or family member, or the Police and go to a doctor or hospital. It is confidential if you see either your college nurse or your GP, and you can also contact the Sexual Assault Referral Clinic for advice and an appointment. They provide a confidential service, can take forensic evidence which can be used if or when you are ready to report the incident to the police. The telephone line is staffed 24/7 on 0800 193 5434, website: www.theelmssarc.org/  
How to avoid drink spiking
Don’t accept drinks from strangers or leave drinks unattended. If someone offers you a drink, go to the bar with them.
Buy your own drinks and know what you’re really drinking.
Don’t drink something you didn’t open, or see opened or poured.
If you’re unsure about your drink, leave it.
If you feel dizzy or sick, ask someone you trust to take you to a safe place. If you’re alone or can’t find your friends tell the staff behind the bar.
Keep an eye on your friends. If someone collapses and is unconscious, call an ambulance immediately. DON’T LEAVE THEM ALONE!
If you’re on a date with someone you don’t know, arrange for a friend to call you during the evening and/or pick you up. Meet in a public space. Arrange your own transport.
Here is the link to a useful website: https://ie.reachout.com/inform-yourself/alcohol-drugs-and-addiction/alcohol/drink-spiking/

Donations for Homeless Outreach

The Cambridge University Islamic Society is organising Explore Islam Week from the 19th to the 23rd of Feb. We are planning a homeless outreach event in collaboration with Jimmy’s shelter, a non-profit organisation that is based in Cambridge.
With the permission of your college porters, we have placed a donation box in the Great Gate Porters’ Lodge at John’s. We would really appreciate any donations of clothes, blankets, tinned food, unopened hygiene products, plasters and anything else that the students would like to give. It would therefore be amazing if you could send an email to the undergraduates so they know about this opportunity to give back to the community in Cambridge.
We would also welcome volunteer sign-ups for this event: https://goo.gl/forms/OxfF9iFvlkn0TdSH3. The details of the event are found below and the event poster has been attached for your reference.
Date: 20th February 2018 (Tuesday)
Time: 7pm to 8pm
Venue: In front of Christ’s

Dutch-English Bilinguals

Dutch – English bilinguals wanted for a language study
We are looking for participants to take part in a language study. The study will use EEG (electroencephalography) to record brain activity while participants listen to simple stories. You will be reimbursed £10/hour for your time, plus travel expenses (£2 if you travel from Cambridge, £2.50 if you travel from outside). This study will recruit EARLY BILINGUALS.
Eligible volunteers should:
1.   Be a DUTCH – ENGLISH balanced bilingual
2.   DUTCH as your native language (L1) and ENGLISH as your second language (L2)
3.   Started learning English (L2) before age 6
4.   Aged between 18-45 years
5.   Be right handed
6.   Have no hearing problems
If you decide to participate, we will send you a short language questionnaire to complete before booking you a slot. The experiment will last approximately two hours (at least £20).
If you would like to participate or would like more information, please contact: ako26@cam.ac.uk

Quick Survey!

Hi there,
We are currently running a non-for-profit student project on the engagement of current students and their respective college alumni bodies in Cambridge. In order to understand students’ understanding and interaction with the alumni resources, we have created a short survey.  
The survey is completely anonymous and will take 2 minutes at most. 
Your feedback will be much appreciated and I believe the survey can provide us valuable insight into the efficiency and mechanism of the alumni network! 
Please access the link below to access the google form:
Thank you!

Effective Altruism

The Most Effective Charity in the World? Rob Mather from the AMF
Tuesday, February 20 at 8 PM – 9:30 PM
Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College
Rob Mather is the founder of the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF). AMF works to prevent illness and death from malaria by distributing anti-malarial bednets. Rob studied chemical engineering at Trinity Hall (1984).
Rob’s data-driven methods mean that Giving What We Can and GiveWell have consistently rated AMF as the most effective charity in the world. On average, AMF saves a child’s life for $3,162. It is estimated that every $1m spent on its intervention of choice improves the GDP of Continental Africa by $12m.
Rob has said in the past that he has ‘a certain cynicism when it comes to charity’. Come find out more about his approach.
All are welcome, regardless of affiliation with the University of Cambridge.

Sustainability opportunities

Three paid internships this summer – apply by Sunday 18 Feb
Last few days to apply for a paid internship in the environmental sector this summer with the University’s Environment and Energy team. There are three positions available for undergraduate students on biodiversity, air travel and sustainability engagement. Find out more and how to apply here: http://bit.ly/1De2Emm
Deadline for applications: Sunday 18 February, midnight.
PS If you want a different kind of internship opportunity, check out the Hub’s Social Impact Internship Scheme: https://www.cambridgehub.org/activities/internship-scheme
Cambridge Carbon Challenge 2018 now open for submissions
You are invited to submit your innovative ideas for reducing air miles and finding alternatives to flying within the University. Contribute to University efforts to reduce carbon emissions in one of the most challenging yet significant aspects of the University’s carbon footprint.
To find out more and to submit your idea, visit: https://www.environment.admin.cam.ac.uk/carbon-challenge
New skills development programme: Engage For Change
If you are excited by the prospect of implementing innovative solutions to sustainability challenges, this new 6-week programme funded by the University’s Environment and Energy team is for you: https://www.cambridgehub.org/activities/engage-for-change
Engage for Change is for people who want to learn to make change happen, through effective conversations with those around and above them. You will develop the skills to design, implement and evaluate your own environmental sustainability-related interventions, using the University as a testing-ground.

St John\’s Feminist Society Discussion Event 22nd February

Want free wine and food and a chance to discuss women’s role in business?

Join us for a discussion event on the 22nd of February where we will be talking about “What is the key to getting more women into leadership positions?” At 8pm in the Dirac Room in the Fisher Building. Will be a relaxed, informal discussion event starting with a short video and then an open discussion led by committee members. There will be wine and food provided.

Would be really good to get a discussion going with members of all genders on this important issue. Come along and add your voice to the conversation! 
For more info go to our facebook event.

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