Hey everyone!

I’m Evvia, the new Ethical and Charitable Affairs Officer.
I’m recruiting three people to form a sub-committee to help make our goals for
a more environmentally friendly and charitable college happen. The three roles

  1. Green Officer: Here, you’ll be in charge of promoting
    recycling and energy-saving practices throughout the college. St John’s
    currently has a Green Week that runs in Michaelmas, in addition to the CUSU-run
    Green Week in Lent. If you have some great ideas for events and challenges
    during these weeks (and make them bigger and better), I’ll work with you to get
    it done.
  2. Food Sustainability Officer: As stressed students often
    living away from home for the first time, it’s easy to make non-sustainable
    choices with food. We’re all guilty of chucking food and buying ready meals
    with loads of plastic packaging. With this role, we want to increase awareness
    of these behaviours and their effects, as well as continuing to push for less
    food waste in college.
  3. Assistant Charity Officer: This year, we’re very excited to
    run more charity events throughout college and will need extra help with
    planning and publicising. If you want to get more involved with raising money
    for charity without a massive time commitment, this could be for you – it’s a
    great way to get some fun events going for important causes.

I’m looking for people that are really passionate about
making a change, no matter how small. There’s a lot of freedom in these roles –
you can really make the commitment as much as you like. I will likely call on
you occasionally to help set up for events and will meet with you to see how
things are going, but all other work can be done whenever you want.

Please send me an email (
if you have any questions – otherwise apply here:

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