Vocal Remix

Have you ever considered joining a choir but been put off by the idea of entering an uninspiring room with a dusty old piano and a few sheets of music? 
We have! 
Our ethos promotes a creative and innovative environment aimed at anybody who wants to sing an exciting and eclectic range of songs. 
We are current and up to date, with the advantage of recognising a great classic when we hear one! 
Vocal Remix is a non-auditioning contemporary choir for anyone over the age of 16. No previous singing experience is needed but if you have some, that’s great too! Come along and try a taster session for FREE and see for yourself. 
Sessions run from 7:30pm-9pm on Monday evenings, from 16th January 2017.
We are based at St Phillip’s Church Auditorium, Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3AN. Parking is free of charge on Thoday Street and there are multiple bike racks available. 
Visit www.vocalremix.co.uk for more!
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