Ethical Affairs Officer

Workload: Self defined – could be a lot or a little, depending on what you make of it.


Ethical Affairs covers both environmental and charitable matters in college. This could range from fundraising to finding ways to save energy – it’s really what you make of it! You also get to appoint a sub-committee of 3-4 students to help you out, which makes your duties even easier to manage! This year, I attended a maximum of two meetings per term: I sat on the college Environmental Committee, and attended both the Health and Safety and the Kitchen Consultative meetings. These are actually pretty interesting, and you get to contribute to big decisions at the highest level in college. 

For example: through the Environmental Committee I reformed the recycling system this year, increasing recycling rates throughout college from ~20% to ~70%! It felt pretty good to make such an important change – college does listen! I also set up the Charity Quiz League which has been a huge success and so much fun! I would hope that whoever takes over would like to continue it – my sub-committee did most of the question writing each week and it’s been so much fun to organise. We’ve raised a lot of money for the college charity too – students nominate charities for this and then the whole college votes for who they want to support for the year. I’ve also arrange collections of sanitary products and socks for homeless people in Cambridge, and I have got the college involved in the intercollegiate competitive Switch off Campaign, which has been a lot of fun too. 

What can this role achieve?

I think Ethical Affairs is the ideal role – you can honestly do as little or as much as you like, with a focus on whatever interests you! I set out to really focus on fundraising, but have ended up completely reforming college recycling as well, and getting John’s to the (current) top of the energy saving leaderboard for the NUS Switch Off Campaign! The bar quiz has also been the absolute highlight of my week – and these are just the things I came up with because I thought they’d be fun. You might do something completely different! It feels amazing to be doing some good in the midst of the crazy Cambridge bubble, and I can promise you you’ll have fun at the same time, whichever direction you decide to take it in. 

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