JCR Referendum

On May 2nd, the JCR is given the option to vote in CUSU council to decide whether CUSU should disaffiliate from the NUS. This is following allegations made after the NUS Conference – which can be found by a simple google.

Voting opens on Tuesday 26th April 2016 at 08:00 and closes at 21:00. You can use this link to cast your vote.

Voting yes in this election will mandate this JCR committee to vote in favour of a CUSU referendum on NUS affiliation. It does not favour a view either in favour of or against the referendum vote itself should this motion pass.

Voting no in this election will mandate this JCR committee to vote against a CUSU referendum on NUS affiliation. It does not favour a view either in favour of or against the referendum vote itself should this motion pass.


Sidney Sussex May Ball is still looking for a team of workers who will help the Committee in the process of cleaning up the college after the Ball. The pay for working approximately 4 hours after the Ball is £35.
If interested, please email: hr@mayball.com
We are looking forward to you joining our team!

Join us at Adventurous Education and lead our uniquely-Cambridge summer camps!

Adventurous Education
Who we are: We are a team of Cambridge alumni and students with the vision of a world in which high quality educational resources are accessed and shared freely across the borders. As the first step, we have organised and run our first series of Summer Programmes for secondary school students from China in 2015 and received passionate feedback from the participants and their parents on our excellent Mentors and programmes.
More about our camps: Our top priority is the quality of our participants' educational and cultural experience. We strive to design programmes with a balance of life-coaching, academic lessons and cultural experience, including day trips to nearby cities in the UK. We also unique in providing truly Cambridge experience, with all the Management and Mentors being current students/alumni of Cambridge and Cambridge-style lectures, supervisions, activities such as formal dinner, punting, and graduation.
We are currently recruiting for mentors:

Job description: You will work with other Mentors to design and lead activities and lessons in a 4 week summer camp in Cambridge. You will be given freedom to edit existing activities and lessons from last year or creatively design new ones. For your chosen lessons and activities, you will also be responsible for preparing other Mentors for the sessions. You will interact closely with the students and report their feedback at daily meetings.
Skills required: You should be a current student or a recent graduate of Cambridge University. You should have a strong passion for education and be willing to spend much time with teenagers. Team-work and organisational skills are essential, and teaching experience is also highly appreciated. Both native English speakers and mandarin speakers are welcome.
Dates will range from 11th July to 7th August
A bursary of £350 per week will be provided that will more than cover accommodation costs and other expenses.
Duration: up to 4 weeks
Application deadline: 8th May 2016
Apply through the following link and email your CV to Kayeon Yoo at kayeon@adventurousedu.com
Updates and further information will be notified on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/adventurousedu/
Post any questions on this page, or email Kayeon or kayeon@adventurousedu.com


Speakeasy, Cambridge's own sell-out poetry slam, is returning for one night only this Easter Term on Friday the 29th at 8pm -- and this time it's taking over the Union Bar for a very special charity event! Come hear the brilliant feature poets, or sign up yourself to join the ever-popular Open Slam!

Entry is completely free and for absolutely everyone (you don't have to be a Union member or a Speakeasy regular!) but we will be collecting donations for Survivors' Poetry, a national charity that seeks to promote poetry by survivors of mental distress. No reservation is needed for the event - simply show up on the night!

Anyone can sign up to read 3 minutes of their own poetry in the slam - just post on the event wall (https://www.facebook.com/events/904257993013931/) or send me a message (pt361@cam.ac.uk).

Have a drink, have a listen, if you want to perform get up and speak - it's easy!

Participants needed for brain imaging study!

Our lab at the Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge is currently looking for participants in psychological research. The purpose of this study is to examine the brain's mechanisms for perception.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Reuben Rideaux via email: rr513@cam.ac.uk

This study will include two sessions, one lasting 1 hour and the other 1.5 hours, that will take place over separate days and in different locations. Both sessions will involve observing images on a screen while making responses by pressing buttons.

One session will take place at the Cognition and Brain Unit (15 Chaucer Rd, Cambridge CB2 7EF), where you will be scanned using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). This is a safe and widely used method in both clinical and research settings. The scan will last 1.5 hours in which you will have to lie still in the scanner while performing the task. You will be compensated £15 for the scanning session in addition to receiving an image of your brain.

The other session will take place in the Department of Psychology (Downing Site, CB2 3EB), where you will perform the task in a darkened room at a computer. This session will last approximately 1 hour and you will be compensated £7.

There are fixed timeslots available for the imaging session throughout May – July, while the time of the other session is flexible.

To be eligible to participate, you should have normal or corrected-to-normal vision without major visual impairments. As the study includes MRI, participants will need to be MRI safe. During the experiment, you have the right to withdraw from the study at any time and you will be entitled to any agreed payment up to the point where you withdraw. The information which you supply will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.  No identifiable personal data will be published.

Contact Information:
Reuben Rideaux
Email: rr513@cam.ac.uk

Cambridge Hands-On Science needs you!

CHaOS is a student society which aims to show children and families that science can be fun and exciting, and something that they can understand. We’re now recruiting bio-natscis, phys-natscis, engineers, medics, vets, mathmos and more for our 2016 Summer Roadshow – where we take a minibus of volunteers, a van full of experiments and camp around the UK for 7 weeks of the summer (27th of June – 10th of August), visiting schools, town halls and Scout jamborees.

What would I do?
Most volunteers come on the roadshow with us for around a week. You'd get to talk to lots of children and families, while playing with fun/noisy/messy science/maths/engineering experiments, explaining what's going on. In the evening we relax, sharing funny stories from the day over dinner, sometimes BBQs(!), at the campsite. It's great fun, fantastic for experience in engaging with the public, and much better than a week of real work! This year we're heading to the South West and you can sign up here http://www.chaosscience.org.uk/tour-signup-2016

No is experience necessary (we are running a training session before the Roadshow), food, transport and accomodation are all provided! For more information have a look at our website http://www.chaosscience.org.uk/volunteers_home or get in touch using contact@chaosscience.org.uk

Truth for Giulio Regeni

Truth for Giulio Regeni: Rally and photocall, Friday 22 April, 3.30pm, King's Parade, Cambridge



Organised by CUAI and Amnesty International Cambridge City Group, supported by Egypt Solidarity Initiative. We will be joined by Daniel Zeichner MP.

Giulio Regeni disappeared on 25 January in Cairo, where he was researching independent trade unions for his PhD in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge. On 3 February his body was found, bearing signs of severe torture which human rights groups say are the hallmarks of the Egyptian security forces.

The Egyptian government denies it had anything to do with his disappearance and murder. Yet what happened to Giulio was not an isolated incident: over 400 unresolved cases of forced disappearance have been documented in Egypt since August 2015. Amnesty International reported nearly 90 cases of torture in the first three months of 2016.

Applications now open to perform in a Lunchtime Concert in 2016-17!

The Lunchtime Concert Series aims to showcase the very best of Cambridge’s musical talent, and offer exciting programmes which will stand out from the rest of the Cambridge music scene. Applicants are encouraged to think very carefully about their choice of repertoire, and focus on devising a programme which is interesting, coherent, and will attract a large audience.

The concerts take place on most Tuesdays in term time, from
1.10-1.55pm. The 45-minute time limit is strict: please ensure that your programme will not run over. In some cases, we may decide to put two items together in one programme, so would encourage you to include a 20-minute programme on your application. The majority of concerts will take place in West Road Concert Hall. You should indicate your preferred term on the application.

To apply, please fill in the attached form and return to Alice Webster (acw69@cam.ac.uk) by 5pm on Friday 29th April. Good luck!

JOURNALISM IN BOLIVIA: Internships and Training Programmes

Debating whether to go travelling or get work experience instead? Now you can do both.

Bolivian Express is a social enterprise based in La Paz, Bolivia. We offer 1-3 month residential training programmes designed to introduce participants to print journalism and TV production through internships in an international working environment. BX was founded in 2009 by Bolivian journalists and Oxford graduates. Since then, over 170 talented individuals from 20 countries have worked with us, creating 58 issues covering everything from politics and art to football and gay parades. We’ve won the attention of TEDx, local sports stars and even the Bolivian Vice President.

BX Magazine – Print Journalism Programme

You will research and write your own articles or put together photo essays. You will be given extensive editorial support, as well as help with the production of your pieces, also taking part in designing the magazine. During the week you will take lessons in Spanish, journalism and photography, and will also attend newsroom sessions. The magazine is distributed for free across Bolivia and online for the rest of the world.

Is it Right for You?

You have an observant eye and inquisitive spirit. Spanish is helpful but not essential. Graduates, current undergraduates and year-abroad students are all welcome; we assign responsibilities in line with experience and reserve spaces for the uninitiated. Working with us you will be immersed in the local environment and, with our support, will get a chance to explore sides of the country largely undiscovered by tourist masses. Your dream career does not have to be journalism; Bolivian Espressos (as former BX interns are known) are sought after by universities and a range of employers for their international experience, level of intellectual engagement and initiative.


We take up to eight participants every month, and as entry is oversubscribed (especially for the summer months), you should apply immediately if this is for you. A number of previous participants have been able to secure college funding to cover part of the programme and travel expenses involved.

More details are available on our website, where you can also read past issues and apply: