Cambridge University Brass Band

Calling all BRASS and PERCUSSION players!


Cambridge University Brass Band are holding an open rehearsal and freshers’ squash on Thursday 9th October from 8 – 10 pm in the Old Combination Room, Wolfson College and everyone is very welcome to attend 🙂 There will be a break approximately half way through the rehearsal for socialising and refreshments, so if you play a BRASS instrument or PERCUSSION why not come along?


We are a friendly NON-AUDITIONING society and we rehearse every Thursday evening during term time, as well as performing in a number of concerts and events each term. If you can’t make our first rehearsal, then you are very welcome to come along to one of our subsequent rehearsals which will be held in Lee Hall, Wolfson College from 8 – 10pm.


If you want more information, you can check out our website ( or facebook page (, or visit our stall at the Societies’ Fair.

Mary of Egypt – Dance Auditions

“The prostitute of Alexandria, Mary, is cast into the wilderness for spiritual contemplation. In the arid desert, Mary and Zossima, a holy man, find in each other a kind of spiritual ecstasy.”

We are looking for 6 contemporary dancers to be part of this exciting project. In an opera that teeters on the fulcrum between flesh and spirit, dance is an apposite medium: bodies that are explicitly themselves, but that communicate both the inwardness of intense emotion and the extreme outwardness of the rolling desert. As such, the chorus will be central to the piece. If you have an interest in choreography as well as performance, please do audition — we want an ensemble engaged with the creative process. This is also an exciting opportunity to perform in King’s College Chapel.

Auditions will be held on Thursday the 9th of October at 2:30pm in St John’s Divinity School, just opposite St John’s Great Gate (the gate nearest to Trinity). Further dates to be added. Come dressed in whatever you feel comfy dancing in – the audition will take the form of a one-hour workshop, so make sure you turn up on time.

Ruth, Choreographer

Cambridge University Eco Racing Team

Cambridge University Eco Racing team is a team of people from a wide

range of subjects who work together to design, build, test and

ultimately race a solar powered car across Australia.


Sound interesting? Well we need YOU!


We are looking for new members to join our team this year, in the run

up to the race in 2015. No matter what your skills are or how much

time you can offer, we’d love to have you on board! From event

planning and fundraising to building and driving, speaking to sponsors

and members of the public to designing parts of the new car, there

will definitely be a job to suit your interests!


Want to learn more? Drop us an email at, take a look at our website at, or come along to speak to one of the team at one of the following events:


Lunchtime talk – 1pm Friday 10th October – LR4, Engineering Department

Meet the team – 3pm Saturday 18th October – Barbara White Room, Newnham College


We can’t wait to meet you!



St John’s Picturehouse Termcard

St John’s Picturehouse Termcard


Want to watch film classics on big screen?

This term St John’s Picture will show film classics. There are two showings every Sunday, one at 7pm and one at 10pm.


12th Oct – Grand Budapest Hotel

17th Oct – North by Northwest

26th Oct – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

2nd Nov – Casablanca

9th Nov – Grease

16th Nov – Pulp Fiction

23rd Nov – Dirty Dancing

30th Nov – Die Hard


St John’s Picturehouse is a student society of St John’s College, in the University of Cambridge. The society runs a programme of films during the University terms, which are open to ALL members of the University – and their guests!

We are a proper cinema! All our films are shown in the 250-seat Palmerston Room and we project from high quality 35mm prints, and use Dolby sound systems to offer excellent surround sound reproduction. Admission is only £3.50!

However, if you’re a member, admission is free! As a member, you can be usher, projectionist or publicist. As a member, you sign up for a few showings per term and arrive about 45 minutes before the showing and help set up the film. In return, you get free admission to ALL the films and are invited to events run by the society for its members.

Projectionists learn how to use the projector (we have a proper cinema projector- so if you ever dreamed of owning cinema, this is your chance!) and project the films during the showings.

Ushers take care of everything else at the showing. They get all the seats out, help the projectionists set up the speakers, put up posters and make sure the room is ready. Once this is done, they collect money for admission, sell film-passes, and make sure that everyone has the best viewing experience possible – and then they sit back and enjoy the film.

Publicists make sure people know about the great films we’re showing at St John’s Films! This envolves designing, printing and putting up posters, and thinking up new ways of getting people into the cinema.

If you would like to learn more, visit our website: . If you would like to become a member of the society, please contact the secretary:

CUMS Chorus

***Join The Cambridge University Musical Society Chorus – Auditioning Now***


CUMS Chorus is Cambridge’s leading philharmonic choir, performing grand scale choral works to a consistently high standard in a friendly and relaxed environment. Conducted by the acclaimed conductor Stephen Cleobury (Director of Music at King’s College Choir), we are a diverse choir of approximately 120 members of all ages and backgrounds, from within the university and beyond. This gives us the opportunity to perform a large scale work every term, in iconic venues such as Ely Cathedral and the Chapel of King’s College, with leading soloists and orchestras. We also offer the opportunity for world-class vocal tuition at modest cost, allowing singers of all abilities to improve their technique. We rehearse every Thursday evening during term time (7:30-9:45pm) in Wesley Methodist Church, Christ’s Pieces. This year’s performances will include: Britten’s War Requiem, Vaughan Williams Sea Symphony and Verdi Requiem.


CUMS Chorus represents a unique opportunity within Cambridge to perform the large choral repertoire. If you are interested in joining, please check out our website:


To book a short audition, please contact our registrars at Auditionswill be held on Saturday 11th October 1.30–3.30pm, Tuesday 14th October 2-4pm.


Please feel welcome to come to our open rehearsal on Thursday 9th October to find out if the choir is the right thing for you.

College Alcohol Policy

The JCR has helped to put together a new College alcohol policy, which you can read in full here ( The policy compiles general guidelines about drinking safely, as well as information about the support services available if you have to help someone who is the worse for wear. It also makes clear what the College considers acceptable – and unacceptable – drinking behaviour.


For convenience, we’ve summarised the main points here. In simple terms, though, please be sensible with your own drinking, watch out for one another, and show consideration for everyone who lives and works in College, so that we can make it an enjoyable and civilised place to be.


College alcohol policy in summary:


Managing your intake


• Eat before drinking and avoid “pre-drinking” before a big night out.

• Set a limit for yourself and stick to it.

• Have a “strategic” soft drink to keep yourself hydrated.

• Avoid drinking in rounds.

• Think about how you’re going to get home, and who with, before you go out.




• If you’re out in a group, don’t abandon a member of the group and if one of you gets badly drunk, bring them back to College to the Porters, who will know how to help. The College also has a carer scheme for this type of situation.

• Spiking of drinks is unusual, but only accept drinks from people you trust.


Getting help


• If drinking is affecting your life and work, or that of one of your friends, there are numerous organisations that can help. These include the College Nurse, Chaplain, your Tutor, your GP, the University Counselling Service, and numerous others detailed in the policy.


General conduct


• If you choose to drink, please do so responsibly and don’t abuse it.

• Don’t force people to drink more than they want to, in drinking games, initiation ceremonies, etc.

• If you’re organising an event, make sure that there are always non-alcoholic options available to people, as well as food.

• Dinner in Hall is for everyone to enjoy, and everyone is expected to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

• Certain kinds of misconduct involving alcohol and drunken behaviour are treated as disciplinary offences and can lead to the imposition of penalties by the Dean – this is covered further in the Policy itself. Bear in mind that you may do things when you are drunk that you would never consider doing when you’re sober. These can have life-changing consequences that neither you nor the College can put right.





If so, then STIMULUS will arrange a school placement for you at a time in the week when you are available, and give you training and support to help children in the age group of your choice. See for more details.


Placements are usually 1-2 hours per week, and volunteers help the same class(es) each week so that they get to know the pupils. They provide valuable support, giving many youngsters more individual help and attention than teachers are able to give on their own.


Volunteers choose the age range of pupils they wish to work with and opt for Science, Mathematics, design, computing or coding classes (at the lower primary level other subjects are often available). As well as supporting the work of class teachers by helping individuals and small groups, volunteers wishing to do so may plan and carry out short practical projects with groups of pupils.


Students who wish to participate this can apply by completing the on-line application form by midnight on Friday 10th October. This is available at


All details of placements will be given at the STIMULUS introductory sessions during the week of Monday 23th October and school visits will start during the following week. DBS (the new CRB) forms will also be organised at these sessions.


Further information about STIMULUS is available from the project leader, Rob Percival,