Architectural Projections

From the 29th April to the 2nd May, the University of Cambridge Department of Architecture and the Arts Picturehouse are proud to present ‘Architectural Projections’, a festival of architecture and film, highlighting the links between the two fields, and bringing together leading academic thought and arts cinema experience.

Each screening will include a short introduction on key themes and things to look out for.

The programme includes a poetic environmental documentary classic, a stylish, dark & humourous cross between George Orwell and Monty Python, and an Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece:

Monday 29th April, 18:30: Koyaanisqatsi (PG) (book here)

Tuesday 30th April, 13:00: Lost in Translation (15) (book here)

Tuesday 30th April, 18:00: Brazil (15) (book here)

Wednesday 1st May, 16:30: Rear Window (PG) (book here)

Thursday 2nd May, 16:30: Ghost in the Shell (15) (book here)

For more details, please see, and to book tickets go to:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Kind regards,

Architectural Projections Team



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Launched recently, The Cambridge Bubble is the University’s premier and probably only satirical news website. Featuring all the latest on the Tab’s pun shortage, the developing farce at the Graduate Union and Varsity Cannon as well as much much more, The Bubble boldly goes where no other Cambridge-based news website would bother.

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Structuring your Startup: Legal Basics

Join CUTEC for a short session covering the legal basics of starting a company.

Date: Wednesday May 1st 2013

Time: 18:30 – 20:00

Location LT 4, Department of Engineering.

Further details:

In this two part session, Mark Daly, a company commercial partner at Greene & Greene solicitors will discuss the different legal structures for your startup, including private companies, partnerships and not for profit enterprises.  He will address the pros and cons of choosing each business entity and address the different provisions that make up the core legal documentation, while giving an explanation of their importance.  This will include the role of directors, the contents of articles of association and the need for a shareholders’ agreement.  During the second part of this session there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask targeted questions.

This session will be followed by the weekly CUTEC meeting, which you are also more than welcome to join.


The 10th Technology Ventures Conference (Early-bird deadline 1st May)

A Faster Future: The Accelerating Pace of Innovation

21st June 2013 | Robinson College Cambridge | 8am-6.30pm


Join us at the Technology Ventures Conference (TVC) 2013, where we bring together entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, academics, and students to connect, learn and innovate.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the TVC, we explore together the phenomenon in which the accelerating nature of technological progress is leading to profound changes in society. Since the industrial revolution, we have already witnessed the decoupling of economic output and population demographics. With emerging technologies such as 3D printing and whole genome sequencing, will we see the same magnitude of transformation of our society as that of the steam engine? What are the significances of these technologies to our economy, to businesses, and to our everyday lives? With panels on Rapid Prototyping, Synthetic Biology, Big Data and Emerging Technology Markets, the TVC draws upon concrete examples of how entrepreneurs are systematically disrupting industries and paving the way for new sectors to emerge.

We welcome you to contribute your thoughts and look forward to hosting you at the 10th Technology Ventures Conference.

To attend, please purchase your ticket at:


TVC 2013 Speakers

J.P. Rangaswami – Chief Scientist,, a leading CRM Software provider

Richard Resnick – CEO, GenomeQuest, a genomic software applications provider

Dr Gordon Sanghera – CEO & Co-Founder, Oxford Nanopore, the provider of a molecule analysis platform

Nicholas Halstead – Founder & CTO, DataSift, a leading Social Data Platform

Gunter Pauli – Founder, ZERI, Author of “The Blue Economy”, serial entrepreneur and initiator

Joe Justice – Founder, WikiSpeed, a green automotive-prototyping company .

Ulrich Kerzel – Blue Yonder, a provider of data analysis and forecasting software.

Bert Twaalfhoven  – Founder, European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Research, a forum which promotes  research and teaching in entrepreneurship.

Alice Taylor – CEO, MakieLab, a new kind of toys and games company.

Sarah McVittie – CEO Dressipi, a free fashion advice and recommendation service.

Dr. Adrian Bowyer – Founder, RepRap, humanity’s first self-replicating manufacturing machine. 

..and many more confirming..

For more information on speakers and agenda visit:


Why should I take part in the TVC?

  • Learn from the knowledge and experiences of visionary Keynote Speakers to make that next step.
  • Participate in an open and informal networking sessions to make those critical connections to accel your business or startup idea.
  • Meet like-minded individuals, leading academics and successful professionals for possible collaboration on academic or commercial enterprises.



VIP (Including VIP dinner with speakers and advisors): £200

Professional: £75

Academics: £50

Students & Post-graduate researcher: £25

—-Purchase your ticket before 1st May to get 30% off early bird discount—

—-Purchase in a group of three to get additional 30% off group discount—-

To attend, please purchase your ticket at:


The Startup Challenge

As part of the conference, we are hosting a competition for startups all around the world that are in a stage where they have developed a prototype of their concept. The selected startups will have the unique opportunity of exposure to the Cambridge’s technology cluster and win further prizes. With this challenge we offer young technology startups a real opportunity to give a boost to their early stage startups. The competition will include a showcase exhibition and a judge panel pitching session. To apply, visit


TVC History

The Technology Ventures Conference is an annual event and has a growing international reputation as one of the largest student-led entrepreneurial conferences in the world. Past events have attracted over 400 delegates from over 100 companies and 17 Universities around the world. It is a unique opportunity to share, collaborate and connect with visionary thinkers on all aspects of enterprise.