Green Impact Auditor training and work experience

The Environmental and Energy Section is offering a one day environmental auditing training as part of the University’s environmental accreditation scheme: Green Impact. Visit to apply.

Great opportunity to:

  • Improve your CV and gain valuable employability skills,
  • Find out more about environmental issues at the University,
  • Contribute to the environmental improvements being made,
  • Receive a free lunch!


Deadline 6th May 2013

Actuarial specific information and recruitment event

Ernst & Young are hosting an actuarial specific information and recruitment event on 2 May at 6pm in Cambridge.

The purpose of this event is to provide an overview of the work performed by actuaries and the actuarial profession.

The event will involve:

Introduction into the actuarial profession

Profiles of members of the Ernst & Young actuarial department

Some examples of the types of work actuaries do

Food and drinks.

Please email Ben Grainger on to book a place. There are only 25 places available and they will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Youlin Oxbridge Summer Camp

Youlin Ltd is an educational service company under U-Link Education Group in China. Based on U-Link’s existing and expending educational resources, Youlin has built up China’s frontier internet-based international education platform.

We aim to provide the best teaching resources both online and offline to students.

With the Oxbridge application experience of all these years, Youlin will organize an Oxbridge Summer Camp to support the Chinese students to get in the Oxbridge Universities successfully. This Camp is mainly focus on training the students’ abilities and skills in a short period and help them fulfill their dream to the Oxbridge.

We want to invite several experienced tutors to come to China and join us. We will provide accommodation, subsidise your air tickets and give you a good wage. The tutors are expected to:

1.       Have the similar educational background as our students and working experience as a tutor in the summer camp;

2.       Have achieved excellent results studied in the A Level courses;

3.       Be presently studying or used to study in the Oxbridge;

4.       Know the specific information of every Oxbridge programmes and colleges;

5.       Clearly know the detail UCAS/COPA application process and necessary materials;

6.       Be good at constructing PS and guiding the students with practical suggestions;

7.       Be a good presenter and teacher;

8.       Be patient and careful.

If you have interest in our program, do not hesitate to as questions or send your C.V. to Wendy Lin through email (

We will arrange for the interview as soon as possible.

Tech Startups for Girls @ Cambridge

Come down if you’re interested in learning how to start-up a business, code, and launch a career path in technology. All girls welcome.

When: 24th April, 6pm – 7pm

Where: Elton-Bowring Room, Memorial Court, Clare College

Run by Entrepreneur First, the not-for-profit helping grads build startups, and Code First:Girls, the free coding course for young women.

Follow the event on Facebook:

COGGLES auditions

A long time in the future, but in a galaxy not too far from our own, humankind had long been striving in the vast depths of space – the penultimate frontier. These are the voyages of the USSFingersCrossed. Her mission: to explore implausible new worlds. To boldly split infinitives no man had split before. And to find the final frontier. The year is 2329, and the mighty starship cruises through the firmament like a goldfish through treacle under the strong steerswomanship of Captain Gaia Lovelock and her loyal crew, fresh from an altercation on Balderon and a minor rumpus on the shores of the Tranquiline Nebula. The Captain’s on the bridge. The stage is set.

COGGLES (Cambridge Old Graduates and Graduands Light Entertainment Society) are a society which put on shows at old people’s homes for charity. We have a very fun one hour show, already written, and we would love to have you join us. The rehearsals will be very low committment, and both the shows and the rehearsals will be in evenings and at weekends. If you have never acted before – great, come along we would love to meet you. If you are an old hand at acting – great, come along, we would love to have you join us for what will be a very fun low committment show! The performance period is however in the middle of undergrad exams – this show is designed for people who get bored with everything shutting down in May (so everyone is allowed to audition, but please do bare in mind that all our shows are at the end of May/start of June)



Sun 21 Apr, 10.30am – 12.30pm, Christ’s College Music Room Sun 21 Apr, 4.30 – 6.15pm, Christ’s College Music Room Mon 22 Apr, 6 – 7.30pm, ADC Theatre Bar We would love you to apply with us – email Miffy (rwm41) for further information, or just turn up to the above slots. If you can’t make the auditions, again just email me (rwm41)!


Directions to Christ’s College Music Room

Go in the front of Christ’s, and then go to the far right hand corner of first court, and through the archway. Then keep to the left of second court and into third court. Then go along the right hand side of third court and that court. Then go diagonally rightwards and into the Yusuf Hamied center. Then go down the stairway, through the door, (then mend the door you just broke), and the music room is directly in front of you.


Directions to ADC Bar

If you can’t get in through the front door (where the bar is on the right just up the stairs), then go into the yard on the right, enter up through the dressing room doors – go out onto the landing by the Larkum, and go straight to the bar down the corridor (do not pass go or collect £200).

Cambridge University Yacht Club

Did you know there is a student society in Cambridge that owns and runs two yachts? We are the Cambridge University Yacht Club – rapidly becoming one of the biggest societies in the university – and each summer we send our boats on an epic voyage. This year we are in search of some of the most breathtaking scenery in Europe, visiting the Atlantic coast of Ireland, Norway and the remote Western isles of Scotland.

The summer programme is split up into separate weeks, with the crew changing each week. Costing only £166 it is a fantastic value holiday. Everyone is welcome to come on one of our trips (even if you have never set foot on a boat before!)

If you are interested please browse our website:

Or come to one of our squashes: Monday the 29th April, 7pm, upstairs at the Maypole or Saturday the 11th May, 7pm at the Cavonius Centre (Caius college, West road site).

Hopefully you’ll join us this year!

Mind full or mindful? Living through exams with Mindfulness

Maggie, the College nurse, has arranged for Sarah Parkin, a Mindfulness teacher and trainer, to come in to College and run a Mindfulness course. Wondering what it is? Here’s a bit of info:

Help yourself focus,  stay calm,  keep grounded.

Mindfulness teaches us the practice of paying attention to both our internal world and our external world, just as it is in the present moment.

Research shows that through developing a more mindful way of being we help ourselves:

  • boost working memory
  • improve focus
  • reduce rumination
  • increase positivity
  • increase cognitive flexibility
  • reduce stress

We can learn to be mindful through different meditation practices lasting from just a minute to up to an hour or longer.

This four week course will teach and encourage the maintenance of your own mindful practices as well as giving you some understanding of the theory behind them; helping you to help and support yourself through the exam period and beyond.

This course is TOTALLY FREE but are only 15 PLACES AVAILABLE. If you would like to secure a place, please email Welfare Officer Ellie on

The sessions are arranged for Saturdays at the start of term:  Saturday 27th April, 4th May, 11th May and 18th May from 13.00-14.30 in the Palmerston Room, Fisher Building. Just be aware that each week will build on practices from the previous workshop and so enrolment is for the duration.

Please bring something to lie on, something to keep warm under and wear loose-ish clothing.

For more information have a look at this short you tube clip:

Bolivian Express – Journalism/TV opportunity


Our Programmes

We offer 1-3 month introductions to Bolivia and journalism, designed to kick-start newcomers’ experience of an international working environment. You investigate and write your own articles or photo-essays. You can help design the magazine. You forge important personal contacts, both while staying in Bolivia and as part of ‘Bolivian Espressos’, our term for our closely-knit group of past participants. You foster intercultural links and grow both professionally and personally.

In 2013, we’ve also launched a TV Production Training Programme titled BXTV, with learning experiences geared towards TV and Film production. We have secured an agreement with a major media organization in Bolivia (Red UNO), as well as a highly acclaimed independent production studio (iTV). The programme is also 1-3 months long.

What’s it like?

Each programme is hosted in a house where you’ll live with your fellow interns and the coordinators of the programme. Houses are provided with cleaning services and a lunch is prepared Monday to Friday.

For the Journalism Internship, you take 24 hours of Spanish classes per month and programme tutorials in journalism, photography and design, but mainly you will plan your own day: researching, going to interviews and writing articles, or travelling. We help you navigate La Paz, finding gyms, llamas, carnivals and leads. In your time off, we’ll also be able to direct you to the best restaurants, bars and trips around Bolivia. The month’s work culminates with the design of the magazine, where you can help shape the look of your month’s Bolivian Express.

The TV Production internship is very similar with at least 2 hours of classes every day including visits to the TV station where some of the most important local programmes are produced. You will be given the opportunity of being involved in the production of professional TV content, working alongside experienced and established professionals in the field, on and off set. Alongside the 24 hours of Spanish class you will have three modules per month in areas such as TV Production, Vocal Delivery, Journalism, Photography, Post Production, Lighting, and Sound Techniques.

Is it Right for You?

You speak fluent English, are at least seventeen years old, and have an observant eye and inquisitive spirit. Spanish is helpful but not essential. School-leavers, graduates and students and are all welcome; we assign each a role according to their experience.

Present gap-year trends mean travel to foreign countries is not unusual. But, passing through hostels on sightseeing visits, travellers are rarely able to get in touch with local culture. We want to offer an experience off the beaten track and give the possibility to the interns to truly experience Bolivia from a unique and exciting perspective. You will be immersed in a foreign environment and, with our support, meet the challenge of a country largely undiscovered by tourist masses. Your dream career does not have to be journalism or TV production; Bolivian Espressos are sought after by universities and a range of employers for their international experience, level of intellectual engagement and enterprise.

Our Background

Founded in 2010 by Bolivian journalists and Oxford graduates. Since then, over 70 talented people from 12 countries have collaborated on issues covering topics including politics, nightlife, art, football, music and gay parades. We’ve won the attention of artists, sports stars, the ministry for culture and the Bolivian Vice President.

Programmes Cost

For the Journalism Internship: £865 per month.

For the TV Production Internship: £1,180 per month.


It includes:


Pre-trip guidance.

Airport pick-up and local orientation.

Accommodation in our houses. (see photos)

Lunch Monday to Friday, cleaning services.

24 hours of Spanish class a month.

Design, photography and journalism classes (Journalism Internship)

Three modules per month in areas such as TV Production, Vocal Delivery, Journalism, Photography, Post Production, Lighting, and Sound Techniques (BXTV Internship)

Training at the TV Station (BXTV Internship)

Bolivian mobile phone and a press pass.


We take only up to twelve participants a month, and as entry is oversubscribed, you should apply immediately if this is for you.

More details are available on our website, where you can also read past issues and apply online:

For more information on the Journalism and BXTV Internship, feel free to email

Reinstein Prize for Jazz

Applications are invited from members of St John’s College, who are undergraduates (including affiliated students) or graduate students at the time of issue of this notice, for the Reinstein Prize for Jazz Performance.

One or more Reinstein Prizes with a total value of up to £500 will be awarded to outstanding jazz musicians on the basis of an audition to take place in the College on the morning of Saturday 4 May 2013. The winner(s) may also be invited to participate in a Jazz Concert to be held in the College at a later date.

Candidates are required to submit an application via email to Applicants are asked to give the following information:

Full name

Year of study & Tripos or Faculty

Type of instrument (which may include voice)

The names of accompanists & their instruments (accompanists, if any, must be

provided by the applicant)


Applications should be submitted by 9.00am on Friday 26 April 2013.

Spend your summer in China!

OCSEP offer 8 week (Jul-Aug) English summer camps for in China run by Native English speakers from top universities. We pay for return flight (up to 6000Rmb), accommodation, and a stipend of 2000Rmb. We require students from all disciplines and no knowledge of Mandarin is required, for more information visit , to apply send CV and covering letter to before 3 May.