Lady Margaret Players

Fed up of highlighting? Weeping over essay plans? 
NO MORE. Come to Clickbait and laugh an evening away. 
Alfred Leigh takes a deep dive into the rabbit holes of the internet in his comedy Powerpoint, following a trail of Clickbait. Through this, he’ll reveal to the public the weird, the wonderful, and the things he really regrets clicking on.
From a history of Clickbait to an examination of the bottom feeders who inhabit the unknown realms of the web, Alfred uncovers the inhuman forces that govern the underbelly of the modern world.
A surreal web-comedy that combines a lecture with procrastinating.
What a way to spend an evening. 
1st – 3rd June. 9pm. Palmerston Room. Fisher Building. Ticketing information to follow.

Theremin Performance

Johnsbridge: do you like odd instruments, modal harmonies, spectacularly-renovated Gothic buildings, and not paying for things?

Then you’re invited to a free concert of original repertoire for ondes Martenot and theremin at The Old Divinity School of St John’s College Cambridge on Thursday 17 May, 8-9pm!

The programme will include Olivier Messiaen’s “Feuillets Inédits”, Joseph Schillinger’s “Mouvement Électrique Et Pathétique”?? and Darius Milhaud’s “Suite” for Ondes Martenot and Piano, performed by me and Paul Jackson (piano).

It would be a great pleasure to see you there!

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Study Advert Request

Can you learn an Alien Language?
We are looking for adolescent and adult participants for our online and mobile based study – the study involves playing a mobile game in which you will learn to communicate with aliens. If you know anyone who is aged 13-17 please consider passing on this information.
If you are age 13 or over and speak English then you are eligible to take part. The study consists of a short survey, a mobile game and a few online psychological tasks. These can all be completed in your own time on your own device over a few days (collectively taking about 3 hours), and if you complete them all then you will receive £15 in Amazon vouchers.
If you are interested, follow this link to the survey to begin the experiment.
For more information about the research please contact us at

Central European Summer Course

Central European Summer Course on Mycology (CESC) 2018
When and where: July 6-11 in Szeged, Hungary
Registration deadline: 15th May
The course addresses both the fundamental principles and techniques of molecular biology, genetics, genomics and diagnostics of pathogenic fungal species. Students gain an in-depth knowledge of pathogenic mechanisms, molecular genetics, and the biochemistry of important virulence factors. Other topics include phylogenomics as a new way to discover disease mechanisms, host adaptation mechanisms of pathogenic fungi, epidemiology, molecular typing, analysis of extracellular elements of pathogenic fungal species and much more. Each lecture directly relates molecular biology to current laboratory techniques.
All participants are required to submit an abstract of their research activity. Among the submitted summaries several will be selected for an oral presentation as part of the ‘Student’s talk’ session.
CESC/FEMS fellowships will be available covering the registration fee. To apply for a Grant, along with your abstract, please send us a Curriculum Vitae and a Motivation letter via our Registration system.

English Tutor

Cambridge startup is recruiting online English tutors, work at home, £20/hour 

We are PINK, a new educational company founded by Cambridge students. In our program “Talent Kids” we deliver online English courses to primary school students (age 6-12) in China, most of whom have very limited knowledge in English. Now we are recruiting students and graduates from Cambridge and Oxford as our long-term tutors, with £20 per hour payment. The tutor should speak English at native or fluent level, can normally commit to at least 2 hours work per week (full flexibility on the work time), and most importantly, have a passion in language education. Experiences in teaching especially in teaching Chinese kids will be beneficial but not necessary. Speaking Mandarin is absolutely unnecessary. The tutor will follow our standard curriculum, and deliver video chat with Chinese kids through an interactive virtual blackboard to improve their listening and speaking skills. If you are interested please send CV to Jieyi, our recruitment officer, at who will later arrange an interview at Cambridge. Any questions or concerns can be sent as well. This job advertisement is valid till October 2018.

Sports Results

Rugby Cuppers Final:

St John’s 35- Queens 13.  This was Queens’ first Cuppers final since
1985, but they proved no match for the dominant John’s pack led by Deano, Fionn
and Dimi as John’s cruised to victory, scoring four tries in the process.

The Women’s Netball team also won the league this weekend as
Downing conceded, leaving the John’s girls unbeaten in the league this season.

Send in your results to

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SJC Jungle Boogie !

We’d be lion if we told you any other event in May Week is gonna be wilder. Get down, (get down) to Cripps’ Concrete Jungle for a funky end of exams celebration. Because for one night only, John’s is going primal. 
Guaranteed Panda-monium:
– UNLIMITED drinks
– BBQ food
– Prove you’re King/Queen of the Jungle by taming our RODEO BULL
– Put your speed and strength to the test with a BUNGEE RUN and an inflatable GLADIATOR DUEL
– Boogie to LIVE MUSIC from the best of John’s homegrown bands 
Tickets LIVE on upay
Prices (John’s/Guests):
Early Bird – £13/18 (until 16th May)
General Release – £15/20

Newell Classical Event

The Newell Classical Event 2018, celebrating the classical world, is to
take place at St John’s College on 3 May at 7.15pm in the Palmerston
Room. Emily Wilson and Alice Oswald will talk about poetry and time.
This event is free and no pre-booking is needed.
Emily Wilson’s acclaimed new translation of Homer’s _Odyssey _has
been described as ‘a new cultural landmark’ (_The Guardian_) and ‘an
Odyssey for our moment’ (_The Spectator_).
Alice Oswald, the author of _Memorial _(commemorating the minor
characters of the _Iliad_), is one of the world’s best-known and most
brilliant living poets. Her latest collection, _Falling Awake_ (another
collection with strong classical influences), has been called
‘dazzling’ (_The Guardian_) and ‘stunning’ (_The Telegraph_).
We hope to see as many of you there as can make it: it should be a
thrilling occasion. Further details are here: [1]

Summer Research Programme

2018 SJTU & UCAS Joint Summer Research Internship Program
The SJTU & UCAS Joint Summer Research Internship Program provides excellent opportunities for top undergraduate students to experience academic and cultural immersion in two international universities over the summer. A wide range of research projects in various disciplines are provided, and students can not only study at world-class research laboratories, side-by-side with prominent research professors but also be prepared for further study through intensive research experiences with faculty mentors and enrichment activities.
In addition, participants will develop their research skills by attending lectures on topics such as “How to Write a Research Essay,” “How to Cooperate in a Project,” and more. Students will also learn about China and Chinese culture, enhancing their intercultural awareness and communication.
Institute Information:
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) welcome undergraduate students from all over the world this summer to study in Shanghai and Beijing, the top two cities in China.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) enjoys a long history and a world-renowned reputation. Through unrelenting effort over the past 120 years, SJTU has become a comprehensive, research-oriented, and top international university in China. SJTU boasts an increasing level of scientific research excellence and technological innovation.
The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) is a research university focusing on graduate education and promoting the fusion between talent cultivation and scientific research. Its predecessor, the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was the first graduate school in China, set up in 1978 with the approval of the State Council of PRC. In 2014, UCAS started enrolling undergraduate students. According to the Global University Ranking released by Essential Science Indicators (ESI) in November 2017, UCAS is ranked No.114 in the world and No. 2 in China.
List of Projects
Project 1 Novel Cooling Technologies
Project 2 Cloning and functional characterization of rice male sterile genes
Project 3 Molecular mechanisms controlling inflorescence and spikelet development in rice and barley Project 4 Molecular Characterization of GMOs
Project 5 Design of nanostructures for enhanced photoelectrical catalysts
Application Deadline
15 May 2018
Please apply through the website:

University Education

‘Universify Education seeks volunteer coaches for our 2018-19 programme, which involves a week-long summer course in August, a 3 day Easter residential, and monthly coaching with up to 3 Universify students throughout the programme. 

Universify is a charity that exists to counter educational inequality by inspiring Year 10 students from non-selective state schools to make a successful application to a highly selective university, such as the University of Oxford. We are looking for people passionate about education with experience in access and outreach. For more information about how to get involved please see our website at