English Tutor

Cambridge startup is recruiting online English tutors, work at home, £20/hour 

We are PINK, a new educational company founded by Cambridge students. In our program “Talent Kids” we deliver online English courses to primary school students (age 6-12) in China, most of whom have very limited knowledge in English. Now we are recruiting students and graduates from Cambridge and Oxford as our long-term tutors, with £20 per hour payment. The tutor should speak English at native or fluent level, can normally commit to at least 2 hours work per week (full flexibility on the work time), and most importantly, have a passion in language education. Experiences in teaching especially in teaching Chinese kids will be beneficial but not necessary. Speaking Mandarin is absolutely unnecessary. The tutor will follow our standard curriculum, and deliver video chat with Chinese kids through an interactive virtual blackboard to improve their listening and speaking skills. If you are interested please send CV to Jieyi, our recruitment officer, at jl807@cam.ac.uk who will later arrange an interview at Cambridge. Any questions or concerns can be sent as well. This job advertisement is valid till October 2018.
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