CUSU LGBT+ and the big Cambridge LGBT+ survey

CUSU LGBT+ is the Cambridge campaign for LGBT+ students – our goals are to provide social events, welfare, representation and political campaigning for LGBT+ students across the university. If you missed our events in Michaelmas, it’s never too late to join! We’re always very happy to see you come to our events and contact us. If you have any questions, worries or concerns about LGBT+ life at Cambridge, please feel free to send an email to To keep up with our events, here are useful links:

CUSU LGBT+ group:

CUSU LGBT+ page:

CUSU LGBT+ website:

Join the mailing list:

We also have a secret LGBT+ Facebook group, so that anyone who’s not publicly out on Facebook can still follow us and come to our events. If you wish to be added to this group, please send a message on Facebook to Simon Percelay (Chair), Ali Hyde (President) or to another member of committee, as there is no other way to be added!
Finally, we have just released an extensive survey to learn more about the issues facing LGBT+ people at Cambridge. It’s quite long, but its results would be extremely helpful to us, and you have the chance of winning one of two £25 Amazon vouchers! The survey will be closed at 6pm on January 27th, so make sure to fill it out before then ?

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