St Johns May Ball Worker Applications

✨ Applications are now open to work at the 2018 St John’s May Ball ✨
St John’s is changing its worker system! Work the John’s Ball and pay
for your next ball this May Week.
We are hiring paid workers to work set-up, the ball night and clear-up.
We pay above minimum wage for all roles and our all-night workers will
be provided with regular breaks, refreshments and the opportunity to
explore the ball.
As always we have a variety of roles available, and we will also be
recruiting senior supervisor staff.
Please see our role descriptions document for more information about
shift-timings and pay:…/1iJH1dm7EmrIRia43gnCnP4OqxOr…/edit [1]
Apply here to work at the ball: [2]
Applications must be submitted by midnight on Monday 19th February. We
look forward to hearing from you!
Please direct all enquiries to More information
can be found on our Facebook page (St John’s College May Ball) and
website (
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